Hurricane Wings
Mild, Medium,Hot,Garlic,BBQ, Teriyaki or Trash Can
     ½ doz   3.99        doz   7.49          20 pack   11.99

    Loaded all the way  8.99
   Beef or Chicken  11.99

  Fried Mozzarella  6.99

  Stuffed Mushroom Caps
     Stuffed with a crabmeat stuffing & topped with
     melted mozzarella cheese  6.99

  Buffalo Cracked Conch  
     A local’s favorite 
     or without sauce if you prefer  11.99

  Steamed Shrimp  Spicy or in beer    
    ½ Lb.  10.99       Lb.  20.99

  Rib Appetizer
served with onion rings   7.99

  Buffalo Shrimp  7.99

  Platter of Fries   Krinkle or Curly  6.49

  Tater tots smothered with cheese sauce, bacon
  sour cream and scallions   8.99

Signature Entrees

All entrees come with soup or salad and chef’s accompaniment

  Our Famous Ribs                   
     Topped with fried onion rings  17.99                                                                                                        
  Beer Battered Dolphin Fingers
     With fries & slaw   13.99

  Beer Battered Shrimp Basket
  With fries & slaw   13.99

Dolphin del Mar
Baked dolphin topped with a crabmweat stuffing and herbed butter.
Served on a bed of rice   13.99

Pork Soft Tacos
Shredded pork, lettuce, salsa and cheddar cheese in flour tortillas.
Served with black beans and rice   12.99

Panko Fried Dolphin
With a red chile glaze.
Served on a bed of rice   13.99

Your choice of dressings:
   orange-sesame vinaigrette, blue cheese, ranch, honey mustard,
  thousand island, Italian or oil & vinegar

  Dolphin Rachel
     A Hurricane original. On grilled rye with Swiss cheese,
     slaw &1000 island dressing   9.99

  French Dip
     Sliced thin and piled high. Served with au jus  10.99

  Our Classic Philly
     Steak or Chicken smothered with peppers, onions,
     mushrooms and melted provolone  10.49

  Hurricane Fish Sandwich
    Dolphin: Baked, Fried, Blackened or Caribbean Jerked  9.49

   Carolina Pork Sandwich
  Shredded BBQ pork topped with slaw on a toasted roll    8.99
Gourmet Burgers
Hand Patted 100% Certified Angus Beef

Smoke House Burger
Smothered with BBQ sauce, Swiss cheese, bacon and onion rings   9.49

The Porker
Ham, shredded pork, bacon, Swiss and pickle slices   9.49

The Three "B" Burger'
Blackened, bacon and blue cheese   8.99

Trash Can Burger
Smothered with fries, cheddar cheese sauce and
crumbled bacon on a hoagie roll    9.49

Build Your Own  
     Start with our fresh Angus burger, Chicken Breast or a Black Bean Burger  7.99
  Additional toppings:
.50 each: sauteed onions, mushrooms or peppers, fresh salsa,
guacamole, olives, sliced pickles, jalapenos
1.00 each: bacon, ham, pepperoni, blue cheese, 

All sandwiches come with macaroni salad or slaw.  Sub Fries for 1.00

  Best Soups in Town
  French Onion Soup 
     Topped with melted cheeses 5.99

  Soup du jour
     Cup  3.49
     Bowl  5.49

The Original
Hurricane Slider
“Because sometimes a handful is enough”
  Trios of mini sandwiches in an exciting array of flavors

     3 Pack  7.996 Pack     12.99   

Burgers           with  pickles & onions
Panko Mahi       with a red chile glaze
Fried Chicken    buffalo or BBQ
Shrimp                smeared with a  teriyaki glaze

        Add  cheese or Bacon to  your  “ Pack”  for 1.00


  Caesar Salad    
     Tossed in our Caesar dressing   6.49
      With Blackened Shrimp, Dolphin or Chicken   12.99

Chicken BLT Salad
Fried chicken, lettuce, tomato and crumbled bacon
with your choice of dressing   10.99

  Taco Salad
  In a crispy shell and served with all the fixin's
Beef or Chicken   11.99
Blackened Mahi   12.99

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Fried chicken tossed in our wing sauce served over
fresh greens with crumbled blue cheese   10.99

  Little Bites  “For the little ones”

     Mini Burger  4.99
     Fish Finger  6.99
     Chicken Fingers  6.99
     Grilled Cheese  4.49
     Cheese Pizza  6.99

     12 & under only